On August 4th, there are 150 days left in 2017 – the year of Canada’s 150th birthday. There have been robust discussions this year around reconciliation and we would like to contribute to the conversation. Together, we have written 150 Acts of Reconciliation for the last 150 days of 2017. Many of these are small, everyday acts that average Canadians can undertake, but others are more provocative that encourage people to think about -settler relationships in new ways. We encourage you to use to share your engagement with each item on the list. Poster of the Graphic History Collective’s series Remember l Resists l Redraw: A Radical History Poster Project. Text: Erica Violet Lee. Artwork: Anonymous (by request).

> Learn the land acknowledgement in your region.

Find your local reconciliation organization.

If there isn’t one, consider joining together with others to start one.

Attend a cultural event, such as a pow wow (yes, all folks are invited to these!).

Purchase an item from an Indigenous artist. For instance, if you are interested in owning a dreamcatcher or a pair of moccasins, find an Indigenous artist who can craft these items for you and provide you with information about these special creations.

Download an Indigenous podcast, like Ryan McMahon’s Red Man Laughing or Molly Swain and Chelsea Vowel’s Métis in Space .

Read an autobiography written by an Indigenous person. A couple of ideas include Augie Merasty’s The Education of Augie Merasty , Maria Campbell’s Halfbreed , and Mini Adola Freeman’s Life Among the Qallunaat .Find out if there was a where you live.Memorize its name and visit its former site.Choose one plant or flower in your area and learn how Indigenous people use(d) […]